Growing up on a farm can have it's influences. Hard work and determination become a way of life, quickly learning that you only get out what you put in.For Sisters Natalie Roth and Louise Anderson, it’s lessons like these that would help kick start their musical journey.

The two began singing together at a very young age, performing at fairs, rodeos, and festivals across the prairies.
Music became their passion, creating an amazing opportunity to communicate with people of all ages and backgrounds.
Natalie and Louise were later introduced to Guitarist/Vocalist Kurt Krezanski.
The Three began writing, recording, and performing together, and it didn't take long to see that there was a musical chemistry between them.

Soon after the Trio decided to add to their sound, and the search for a band was underway. Mark Roth filled the spot behind the Drums, along with Josh Morrow taking the role of Bass Guitarist. A short time later, Rob Hrabluk joined the group adding Keyboards and Guitar.

Four Mile Road released their self titled debut CD in 2007 which resulted in radio play from Coast to Coast.
Honest lyrics and catchy melodies quickly made them a crowd favorite, earning them opening spots with acts such as Emerson Drive, The Kentucky Headhunters, and Sawyer Brown.

The band recently released their new single "The Hunger", once again receiving airplay on Country Music Radio across Canada.

Four Mile Road continues to entertain audiences with their energetic live shows, and are in the process of recording more new Music.


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